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PC/Mac 14 Piece Toolkit


  • Inside this padded zippered nylon case you’ll find the tools necessary to open the majority of Mac or PC laptop computers and small electronics.
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    PC/Mac 14 Piece Toolkit

    product information

    Product Specifications

    The NewerTech 14-Piece Portable Toolkit is ideal for the technician on the go. The rugged, zippered, woven-nylon outer casing keeps your tools assembled in a small, convenient package and the padded interior ensures your tools remain right where you left them.

    The screwdrivers feature hardened, magnetic screwdriver blades. The toolkit includes a pair of non-marring, destructible nylon pry tools* (a.k.a. "spudgers") and black nylon probe / stick for opening iDevices and other difficult-to-open but easy-to-scratch items.

    • Straight Blade 1.8mm
    • Straight Blade 3.0mm
    • Pentalobe 1.2mm
    • Phillips #00
    • Phillips #2
    • Torx T5
    • Torx T6
    • Torx T8
    • Torx T10
    • Scissor clamp
    • Tweezers
    • (2) nylon pry tools (aka "spudgers")*
    • Black nylon probe / stick
    • Nylon carrying case

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