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Crucial Awards

Crucial website Circle of Excellence

2001 - 2013 —

Circle of Excellence Platinum Award

For the 13th year in a row,® has recognized Crucial with a Circle of Excellence Platinum Award! Only the BizRate online retailers with the highest customer ratings over the past year received the special Platinum Award designation. Based on the votes of millions of customers, the award winners, including Crucial, received positive customer feedback for consistently outstanding performance in all seven of the following service metrics: Ease of Finding What You Are Looking For, On-Time Delivery, Overall Satisfaction, Selection of Products, Customer Support, Product Met Expectations, and Repurchase Intent.

Shopzilla Circle of Excellence Award

2013 — Shopzilla®

Circle of Excellence Award

The Circle of Excellence recognises those online retailers within the Shopzilla Research network who have demonstrated outstanding performance, as rated by their customers, throughout a one year period. In 2013, over 2,000 online merchants in the UK were considered for an award. Winners consistently obtained feedback from their customers throughout the award year period and received the highest ratings. The ratings are from the direct feedback, collected at the point-of-sale and after delivery of goods, from customers concerning seven key satisfaction metrics:

1. Overall satisfaction at the point-of-sale
2. Product selection at the point-of-sale
3. Ease of finding products on the website
4. Intent to buy from the same retailer again, collected after the order is received
5. Product met expectations, collected after the order is received
6. On-time delivery of the order
7. Customer support assistance

Crucial SSD

eTeknix award

March 2014 – eTeknix

Crucial M550 SSD: Bang for Buck Award

"With the M550, Crucial are focusing more on the cost of the drive – whilst at the same time keeping the performance figures up, the result being one of the cheapest high performance drives that we've seen to date." Full review

CDRInfo award

March 2014 – CDRInfo

Crucial M550 SSD: Best Buy Award

"The Crucial M550 512GB is an overall solid SSD designed for everyone, packed with performance and enterprise features and available at a competitive price. The 512GB (488.4GB for the user) drive is retailing for $337 which is translated to a great $0.69 per GB." Full review

HardwareHeaven award

March 2014 – HardwareHeaven

Crucial M550 SSD: Recommended Award

"With the M550 being the latest version of Crucials SSD family they have had a few generations to tweak the product and it shows. We get a no-frills bundle, keeping costs at a minimum and the drive casing is an all metal construction, always appreciated. The components inside are all created by a company who has built is business on having high quality, reliable chips and the controller used is a new revision of a proven part." Full review

PC Advisor award

May 2013 — PC Advisor

Crucial M500 SSD: PC Advisor Recommended Award

"Crucial has returned to the hit list of must-have SSDs with its M500. Not because it's the fastest but because it has great multi-platform PC support, a good balance on large and small file transfer speeds, and an attractive price without relying on slow performance three-layer cell (TLC) flash technology. And if its terabyte-class flash SATA storage you're looking for, it's currently the only player." -- PC Advisor, 21st May 2013

May 2013 —

Crucial M500 SSD: Best Buy Award

"The Crucial M500 SSD is a major step forward for Crucial and Micron, as the new SSD is much faster than the previous Crucial m4 SSD. The Crucial M500 480GB left us with the impression of a solid SSD designed for everyone, packed with performance and enterprise features and available at a competitive price." Full review

Myce Editors Choice Award

May 2013 —

Crucial M500 SSD: Editor's Choice Award

"Why try to re invent the wheel when you have the tools and the knowledge to improve it? That's what Crucial did, and they did very well. The M500 SSD is a clear step forward in all directions. It has excellent performance and cutting edge technology in both hardware and firmware and most importantly it comes at a price that you simply can't ignore. There isn't much more to ask from an SSD." Full review

Hardware Heaven Value Award

April 2013 —

Crucial M500 SSD: Hardware Heaven Value Award

"One of the things we always like to see on a SSD is a good solid casing and Crucial don't disappoint here. We appreciate that a drive tucked away in a system isn't likely to get damaged but the metal gives a feel of quality and shows that the manufacturer isn't trying to cut every cost they can. We also like that Crucial have gone with a casing that is suitable for both 7mm and 9.5mm drive locations which makes it an ideal upgrade for mobile systems as well as desktops." Full review

Crucial Ballistix award

January 2013 —

Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP: Recommended Award

"In terms of value the VLP sticks are priced competitively and we get Crucial's usual lifetime warranty... so it's good news all round really…..A nice alternative to some larger modules and a perfect purchase for those concerned by module height, available space or even energy use."