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Crucial Awards

Crucial website Circle of Excellence

2001 - 2013 —

Circle of Excellence Platinum Award

For the 13th year in a row,® has recognized Crucial with a Circle of Excellence Platinum Award! Only the BizRate online retailers with the highest customer ratings over the past year received the special Platinum Award designation. Based on the votes of millions of customers, the award winners, including Crucial, received positive customer feedback for consistently outstanding performance in all seven of the following service metrics: Ease of Finding What You Are Looking For, On-Time Delivery, Overall Satisfaction, Selection of Products, Customer Support, Product Met Expectations, and Repurchase Intent.

Shopzilla Circle of Excellence Award

2013 — Shopzilla®

Circle of Excellence Award

The Circle of Excellence recognises those online retailers within the Shopzilla Research network who have demonstrated outstanding performance, as rated by their customers, throughout a one year period. In 2013, over 2,000 online merchants in the UK were considered for an award. Winners consistently obtained feedback from their customers throughout the award year period and received the highest ratings. The ratings are from the direct feedback, collected at the point-of-sale and after delivery of goods, from customers concerning seven key satisfaction metrics:

1. Overall satisfaction at the point-of-sale
2. Product selection at the point-of-sale
3. Ease of finding products on the website
4. Intent to buy from the same retailer again, collected after the order is received
5. Product met expectations, collected after the order is received
6. On-time delivery of the order
7. Customer support assistance

Crucial SSD

eTeknix award

November 2015 – eTeknix

Crucial 960GB BX200: Bang for Buck Award

"With Crucial's BX200 SSD series there aren't any excuses left to stay with traditional mechanical storage. Make the switch and enjoy all the benefits of SSD." Full review

HardwareHeaven award

November 2015 – HardwareHeaven

Crucial 960GB BX200: Hardware Heaven Value Award

"Probably the most significant aspect of the BX200 is how it improves the overall Crucial product stack. Gone are the limited write speeds of the various BX100 drives. BX200 brings us the latest controller, flash chips and performance which is solid across all capacities." Full review

Vortez Amazing Value Award

November 2015 – Vortez

Crucial 960GB BX200: Vortez Amazing Value Award

"Crucial's BX200 sets out to bring a new level of affordability to the SSD market. This new drive is quite simply one of the best value storage solutions out there. If you're still using mechanical drives, this is the perfect excuse to finally put them into retirement." Full review

Bit-Tech award

November 2015 – Bit-Tech

Crucial 480GB/960GB BX200 71% Award and Approved Award

"In the BX200, you do get an extremely good value SSD in terms of cost per gigabyte that of course brings with it the numerous benefits over traditional spinning media, as long as the BX200 stays competitive on pricing it's a fine choice for a basic, no thrills SSD." Full review

Overclock3D award

October 2014 – Overclock3D

Crucial MX100 SSD: Gold and Value For Money Award

"The Crucial MX100 is so fast, so cheap and so big that in one fell swoop Crucial has rendered almost every other SSD redundant. Uncompromising and outstanding it easily wins our OC3D Gold Award and, for that barely believable price tag, our Value For Money Award too." Full review

TechPowerUP award

September 2014 – TechPowerUP

Crucial MX100 SSD: Editor’s Choice Award

"Oh wow! The Crucial MX100 is a truly awesome SSD. It is not only fast, but also extremely affordable, making it the cheapest high-end drive on the market. When I first heard about the MX100, I expected it to be a crippled drive, designed to meet the lowest price points possible, but Crucial didn't cheap out. The SSD controller is the same as on the Crucial M550, paired with a full set of 16 flash chips for maximum bandwidth." Full review

Madshrimps award

August 2014 – Madshrimps

Crucial MX100 SSD: Value Recommendation Award

"The 256GB is the sweet spot for many models; the Crucial MX100 is one of the cheapest we have seen so far, being available for about 90 Euros. This is excellent since we can use the rest of the money for investing in another system component when buying a new PC or we can simply buy two of these and run them in a RAID configuration." Full review

CDRInfo award

July 2014 – CDRInfo

Crucial MX100 SSD: Best Buy Award

"We find it hard to list any negative for the MX100. With the performance and feature set, combined with pricing, the choice is obvious." Full review

HEXUS award

July 2014 –

Crucial MX100 SSD: Editor’s Choice Award

"The 512GB model is fast, better equipped to handle performance degradation than its M500 forebear, and is endowed with a number of technologies normally reserved for top-tier SSDs." Full review

eTeknix award

June 2014 – eTeknix

Crucial MX100 SSD: Editor's Choice Award

"The story for the MX100 is short and to the point though, simply put it is a cheap drive that carries the all the right credentials that could make it fall into the enthusiast market, where the pricing is far stronger – especially for a 512GB drive. So if you are looking for a drive that delivers a bucket load of performance, but at a pint-sized price, the MX100 is simply in a league of its own; and don’t forget that there are 128GB and 256GB options out there if you want to stick below the £100 price tag." Full review

HardwareHeaven award

June 2014 – HardwareHeaven

Crucial MX100 SSD: Recommended Award

"In terms of performance the MX100, despite its lower price point, competes well with other drives on the market. That brings us to value where the MX100 range starts at £56.99 for the 128GB version, rising to £159.99 for the 512GB reviewed here. The stand out model in terms of value is the 256GB version for just £78.99. A fantastic deal for a drive with current generation features and components." Full review awards

April 2014 –

Crucial M550 SSD: Editor's Choice /Editor Rating Excellent

"Crucial has continued to move forward with their SSDs, and the M550 is a step forward from the M500. Crucial's M550 is one very fast drive, and also it manages to keep the price very low. Try not to overlook this excellent drive if you're looking for a new SSD." Full review

TechPowerUP award

April 2014 – TechPowerUP

Crucial M550 SSD: Editor’s Choice Award

"Overall, I'm pleased with its performance, and the performance differences in this market segment are too small to be noticeable during normal use anyway. It's also good to see that Crucial has done away with overprovisioning, which allows you to use the drive's full capacity without any loss in performance." Full review

Bit-tech award

March 2014 –

Crucial M550 SSD: Approved Award

"The M550 is now one of the fastest drives available" Full review

eTeknix award

March 2014 – eTeknix

Crucial M550 SSD: Bang for Buck Award

"With the M550, Crucial are focusing more on the cost of the drive – whilst at the same time keeping the performance figures up, the result being one of the cheapest high performance drives that we've seen to date." Full review

CDRInfo award

March 2014 – CDRInfo

Crucial M550 SSD: Best Buy Award

"The Crucial M550 512GB is an overall solid SSD designed for everyone, packed with performance and enterprise features and available at a competitive price. The 512GB (488.4GB for the user) drive is retailing for $337 which is translated to a great $0.69 per GB." Full review

HardwareHeaven award

March 2014 – HardwareHeaven

Crucial M550 SSD: Recommended Award

"With the M550 being the latest version of Crucials SSD family they have had a few generations to tweak the product and it shows. We get a no-frills bundle, keeping costs at a minimum and the drive casing is an all metal construction, always appreciated. The components inside are all created by a company who has built is business on having high quality, reliable chips and the controller used is a new revision of a proven part." Full review

Crucial Ballistix/Crucial Memory

Hardware Heaven award

October 2014 – Hardware Heaven

Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 16GB kit: Recommended Award

"Well priced, decent looks, good performance and a lengthy warranty, the Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR4 is a worthy winner of our recommended award." Full review

pcGameware award

September 2014 – pcGameware

Crucial Ballistix Sport XT: Silver Award

"Performance wise the Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 8GB performed well, even beating our previous top performing 1866MHz RAM, the HyperX Fury. Surprisingly throughout the Gaming benchmarks they even gave our fastest RAM, the HyperX Beast a run for their money and they were set at 2400MHz via XMP, perhaps even more surprising was how little difference in performance between a single 4GB DIMM and the full 8GB kit! At just shy of £70, they are pretty much the same value as any other 8GB 1866MHz DDR3 kit currently available. I really can’t see any reason not to recommend the Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 8GB Kit." Full review

eTeknix award

September 2014 – eTeknix

Crucial 32GB 2133MHz Quad Channel DDR4: Best Buy Award

"If you’re looking to venture into the world of DDR4 then it need not be as expensive as you think. Crucial’s Premium Memory range offers an affordable path to the next generation of memory products. Stability, reliability and overclockability have come along for the ride too." Full review

HardwareHeaven award

September 2014 – HardwareHeaven

Crucial 32GB 2133MHz Quad Channel DDR4: Recommended Award

"Then we have Crucial with their no frills approach which will likely maximise stability (lower, less stressful MHz) while providing a larger 32GB limit. What these modules do offer over the other kits in this test is a larger size, 8GB each for 32GB total in quad channel mode." Full review

TechiCize award

March 2014 – TechiCize

Crucial Ballistix Tactical: Silver Award

"Hats off to Crucial here they’ve put together a bold and impressive product with the Crucial Ballistix Tactical Series." Full review