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Crucial press releases

January 9, 2018 — Crucial Announces MX500 Solid State Drive
The next-generation drive is built on quality, speed, and security

November 28, 2017 — Crucial 128GB DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory Now Available
New modules increase system memory density to fuel memory-intensive server applications and workloads

August 29, 2017 — Crucial Announces BX300 Solid State Drive
New drive supported by an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly guide to installing an SSD

May 23, 2017 — Crucial Announces 128 GB DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory
New modules increase system memory density to fuel memory -intensive server applications® server platforms

December 13, 2016 — Crucial DDR4 2666MT/s DIMMs Boost Server Performance
New modules provide greater memory bandwidth and increased performance, complementing next-generation Intel® server platforms

July 26, 2016 — Crucial Expands MX300 SSD Line
Performance and endurance of Micron 3D TLC NAND provide features and quality customers expect from Crucial SSDs

June 21, 2016 — Crucial Releases NVDIMM Server Memory to Help Protect Companies from Data Loss
New server modules couple DRAM and NAND to back up valuable data in the event of a system power loss

May 17, 2016 — Crucial Announces Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 SODIMMs
New modules give gamers more speed, more performance, and better gaming

April 19, 2016 — Crucial Announces 32GB DDR4 16Gb-based VLP RDIMM and 64GB DDR4 16Gb-based LRDIMM Server Memory
New server modules pack greater memory bandwidth, energy efficiency and memory density

December 8, 2015 — Crucial DDR4 2400MT/s 8Gb-based Server Memory Now Available
New modules provide significant cost advantage compared to current 4Gb-based DDR4 modules

November 3, 2015 — Next Generation Crucial BX200 SSD Is an Ideal Hard Drive Replacement
New affordably-priced SSD enables users to enjoy their computers again, loading apps in seconds and making long wait times a thing of the past

June 1, 2015 — Crucial Announces 8Gb-based DDR4 Server Memory
New modules provide significant cost advantage compared to current 4Gb-based DDR4 modules

June 1, 2015 — Crucial Announces Ballistix DDR4 16GB Performance Memory
New high-density 8Gb-based components enable DDR4 16GB modules for memory-intensive operations

June 1, 2015 — New Version of Crucial SSD Software Enhances Burst Performance
Enhancements allow users to increase performance, extend lifetime, and monitor health of Crucial SSDs

January 27, 2015 — Now Available: Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 Memory
New Ballistix Elite DDR4 modules deliver introductory speeds starting at 2666 MT/s, marking a new era of gaming performance

January 22, 2015 — 'It's UK-IT not UKIP' – Nigel Farage polls in last place as UK's least 'tech-savvy' leader
David Cameron tops poll, but almost two thirds believe British politicians don't know enough about technology

January 6, 2015 — Crucial Introduces Next Generation Solid State Drives
New Crucial MX200 and BX100 SSDs Offer Performance and Features to Suit a Range of Needs and Budgets

January 6, 2015 — Crucial Introduces New Ballistix Sport and Tactical DDR4 Gaming Memory
New Gaming Modules Combine Sleek Design, DDR4 Power Performance, and the Proven Reliability that Gamers Need to Own the Competition

January 6, 2015 — New Crucial DDR4 SODIMMs Enhance Laptop Performance and Enable Longer Battery Life
New DDR4 modules deliver more speed, more bandwidth, and lower voltage than DDR3 memory

August 12, 2014 — 57 Percent of Back-to-School Shoppers Will Not Buy New Computers, Study Finds Back-to-School Shopping Report Finds Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Devices Out of Style this Season for Consumers Seeking to Save Money

July 24, 2014 — 'Last-minute' Brits let down by slow computers
59% have been let down by PCs, laptops, and mobiles at the last minute

June 25, 2014 — Worst time to pester your partner revealed as Brits develop immunity to nagging
77% of Brits admit to nagging their partner at least once a week to do a home chore

June 2, 2014 — New Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 Memory Dramatically Boosts Gaming Performance
Ballistix Elite DDR4 modules deliver the next generation of memory to high performance gaming

June 2, 2014 — Crucial DDR4 Server Memory Now Available
New DDR4 Server Modules Increase System Performance, Speed, and Bandwidth

June 2, 2014 — New Crucial MX100 SSD Delivers Cost-Effective Mainstream Performance and Industry-Leading Feature Set
New Drive Offers Fast Speeds, Improved Energy Efficiency, and Best-in-Class Encryption



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