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Crucial Ballistix® Tactical Memory

Your weapon of choice

Winners and losers are often separated by fractions of a second. You pull the trigger first, and you win. That's how it works when you're using Crucial Ballistix® Tactical memory.

Engineered to deliver explosive speeds and lower latencies, Ballistix Tactical memory is a step up from standard gaming memory and allows you to strike first, faster, and more frequently than the opposition.

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Strike first

Win quick draws and survive close calls with faster speeds and lower latencies. While standard PC memory often works at just DDR3-1333 MT/s, Ballistix Tactical fires at speeds up to DDR4-2666 MT/s for a massive edge in responsiveness.1

strike first

Strike fast

Overwhelm your opponents by doing more in less time. Standard gaming memory can only handle a limited amount of data before it naturally succumbs to bandwidth restrictions. Ballistix Tactical pushes these limits by throttling more gigabytes per second through the memory bus.1

strike fast

Strike often

Stay cool and collected with endurance-minded heat spreaders. Ballistix Tactical modules are painstakingly engineered to maximize heat dissipation, allowing you to play longer and harder. Ballistix Tactical modules also include certified Intel® XMP profiles2 for easy setup and stylish black PCB.

strike often

Strike now

Not all gunslingers are alike, and that's why Ballistix Tactical is available in DDR3 and DDR4 technology in three configurations – standard height, low profile (LP), and Tactical Tracer, an LED-based design with customizable lights and temperature monitoring. Choose the best weapon for your system.

Tracer LEDs

Crucial Ballistix Tactical Memory Specs

Tactical DDR4
Tactical DDR3
Tactical LP
Tactical Tracer
Memory Technology DDR4 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3
Module Density 4-8GB 4-8GB 4-8GB 2-4GB
Speed 2666 MT/s 1600, 1866, 2133 MT/s 1600 MT/s 1600, 1866 MT/s
Target System Gaming Desktops Gaming Desktops Space-constrained gaming desktops Gaming Desktops
Ideal For Cutting-edge DDR4 platforms Performance DDR3 platforms Desktops with limited space for cabling and airflow Case modders and enthusiast rigs
Design Elements Gunmetal gray heat spreader with black PCB Custom heat spreader and black PCB Low profile for more clearance around oversized CPU coolers User-controlled LEDs, custom heat spreader, and black PCB
Benefits of all Tactical modules Faster speeds and lower latencies than standard memory modules, easy plug-and-play installation, Intel® XMP profiles2 for easy configuration, integrated heat spreaders, limited lifetime warranty3
Videos Tactical DDR4
Product Flyers Tactical DDR4
Tactical DDR3 Tactical Tracer

Micron® quality - a higher level of reliability.

As a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, Ballistix memory is built to last and delivers a higher level of performance than standard PC memory. For more than 35 years, we've engineered old-school DDR memory all the way to Ballistix Tactical DDR4, which unleashes a new performance edge. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and rigorously tested to some of the most demanding standards, Ballistix Tactical memory is ready to make an immediate impact in your system.3