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Crucial Fully Buffered DIMMs

Achieve a higher level of data integrity

For mission-critical server applications that require a higher level of data integrity, Crucial FBDIMMs are the answer. Designed to meet a niche need among legacy DDR2 servers, Crucial FBDIMMs utilize a buffer chip to control the flow of data, maintain signal integrity, and reduce soft errors. Don’t just make your legacy deployments faster – make them more reliable.

Crucial Fully Buffered DIMMs

Increase performance without sacrificing signal integrity

Unlike standard RDIMMs that use a parallel path (stub bus) architecture, Crucial FBDIMMs move data serially between the buffer chip and memory controller. This simplified structure allows you to install more memory without forcing the system to clock down, and it also puts less electrical loads on the memory controller for improved signal integrity.

Increase Performance

Reduce soft errors and enhance reliability

Address/command soft errors often disrupt server performance and reliability. To reduce the amount of soft errors in your network, Crucial FBDIMMs incorporate an enhanced cyclic redundancy check (CRC) that provides greater data protection than standard RDIMMs. Crucial FBDIMMs also include a bit lane correction feature that identifies and removes bad data paths for enhanced reliability and performance.

Reduce errors

Speed up server applications

By installing high-density Crucial FBDIMMs, you’ll be able to maximize the performance capability of your CPUs and make your servers faster. Since memory typically functions as a fixed (non-shared) component, it’s often a bigger performance constraint than processors or storage drives, which can be shared.

Speed up server applications

Get more out of your IT budget

At a fraction of the cost of new servers, Crucial FBDIMMs allow you to extend the life and performance of aging and existing infrastructure. Maximize your investment in DDR2 deployments by maximizing memory capacity with reliable Crucial FBDIMMs.

Get more out of your IT budget

Compatible with servers that support FBDIMMs

Crucial FBDIMMs are compatible with DDR2 servers that support the FBDIMM form factor, and are available in a range of configurations that include single, dual, and quad-ranked modules. Densities range from 1GB to 8GB, and speeds range from 667 to 800 MT/s.

Compatible with FBDIMM servers

Backed by the Reliance Program1

When you make an enterprise-level investment in Crucial products, we believe you deserve a higher level of support. The Reliance Program offers qualified customers up to four additional benefits that affirm our commitment to your servers through service call reimbursements, on-site spares, 24/7 technical support through our direct hotline, and special bulk shipping options

Reliance program

Crucial FBDIMM specs

product flyer
SPEED 667MHz, 800MHz
VOLTAGE 1.8V, 1.55V
RANK Single, Dual, Quad
PIN COUNT 240-pin

Micron® quality - a higher level of reliability.

As a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, Crucial memory represents the future of server capability. From the original DDR technology to DDR4, we’ve engineered the memory technologies that have powered the world’s servers for 35 years and counting. Designed for leading platforms, compatible with OEM systems and warranties, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Crucial server memory pushes the limits on performance.2