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Everything you need to know about Crucial memory

Store memory chip density compatibility price

Why chip density, compatibility, and pricing are related. Learn about chip density, compatibility, and why cheaper is not always better.

Memory Pricing

Prices often fluctuate from month to month making memory pricing confusing. Here's how memory is priced – and why prices frequently change.

reasons to buy crucial memory

Discover the three best reasons to upgrade your computer's memory to Crucial, whether you've got a laptop, desktop or are running a server.

reasons to install your own memory

Don't have a technician install memory for you. Here are four reasons why you should install your own memory and save money in the process.

The truth about memory manufacturers

Learn the difference between true memory manufacturing companies and organizations that only assemble the modules & why it's an important distinction.

The 100% Compatibility Guarantee

Learn how Crucial products are 100% compatibility guarantee. Find the right part with our compatibility tool, backed up by our 45-day guarantee.

memory upgrade easy affordable

Discover how a quick and simple upgrade of your computer's memory can improve performance and breathe new life into any desktop, laptop or server.

How to determine your system's make and model

Ready to upgrade your system's memory, but aren't sure which type of modules are compatible? Our System Scanner will determine the best upgrade for your system.