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Crucial Memmory

The 3 Cs of Server Memory.

How to ensure compatibility, invest with confidence, and optimize your configuration

Upgrading server memory is a big investment – and all about making sure you get the 3 Cs: compatibility, confidence, and configuration. Here’s how to choose server memory that meets and exceeds all three criteria.

Why it’s key: If server memory isn't compatible, nothing else matters.

How to ensure compatibility:

Use the Memory Advisor™ tool, which finds guaranteed-compatible modules in 60 seconds or less. The tool is backed by the industry’s leading compatibility database and maps parts to nearly every server made by all the major manufacturers: HP, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo (IBM), and more. The tool also shows you a server’s total available memory capacity, which helps you configure for optimal performance. In terms of warranty compatibility, you can install Crucial memory without voiding your server manufacturer’s warranty.

Why it’s key: Server memory that’s built to last saves you time, money, and hassle.

How to invest with confidence:

Compatibility inspires confidence and configuration, but as a standalone measure, it’s not enough to make an informed investment decision. Dig deeper into a brand’s level of quality and reliability by finding out the following:

  • Source of components. Is the brand one of the three major DRAM component manufacturers (Micron, Samsung and SK Hynix) and thus able to source choice components? This is an important distinction because third-party assemblers don’t get first choice when it comes to top-quality components, but memory manufacturers do.
    • Our answer: We’re a brand of Micron, and Crucial server memory is built and designed around top-quality components.
  • Level of reliability testing and components used.Is the server memory tested and built with the same components used in desktop and laptop memory?
    • Our answer: Demanding server workloads require components that are engineered to server standards and tested at the die, component, and module levels. Crucial server memory is quality-tested to mission-critical server standards and fully tested at all stages of production.
  • Manufacturing process. Is the server memory end-assembled by a third party or made start-to-finish by a true component manufacturer?
    • Our answer: When server memory isn’t manufactured start-to-finish, quality and reliability aren’t as high, which increases the likelihood of module failure and system downtime. Optimal quality and reliability is achieved when everything from select silicon to finished modules are tested, monitored throughout production, and tested again before they leave the fab’s doors. Crucial server memory is made in-house from start to finish.

Why it’s key: With the right configuration, you can get more out of your memory.

How to optimize your configuration:

Use a balanced configuration by installing modules of the same density, speed, and component configuration in the same channel, which delivers more consistent performance. You’ll also want to balance the memory between all installed processors. To optimize the configuration on a specific server, follow the instructions noted in the owner’s manual, which will tell you the number of channels, how many DIMMs per channel (DPC) you can install, and the order in which modules should be installed.

The bottom line

Every brand has compatible modules. What you’re looking for is memory that’s not only compatible, but that’s built with confidence and optimally configured so you get reliable performance for less. Servers fuel everything in your organization. Make sure your memory is up to the task.

Compatible upgrades. Guaranteed. Find the right upgrades with either of our easy-to-use tools.