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Maximise Your Migration to Windows® Server 2012

Hint: It doesn't involve new servers

There’s a lot of hype about Windows Server 2003 going end of life and the need to purchase new servers. However, if you’re like most businesses, your budget isn’t growing fast enough – only the insatiable need to run increased workloads and virtualised applications across an ever-growing network. When you make the transition to Windows Server 2012, one of the best ways to maximise your migration and get more out of existing IT infrastructure is to increase the installed memory capacity of each server.

Install more memory to:

  1. Increase OS performance

    You do not need new servers to run Windows Server 2012, as the memory requirement is the same as Windows Server 2003 (512MB). However, if you’re planning on using more virtualised software, you can increase performance by upgrading the installed memory capacity of each server.
  2. Maximise the performance of your CPUs.

    Since most of today’s enterprise applications are stored on servers and distributed to a number of virtual machines, the amount of installed server memory plays a more critical role than ever before. Memory typically functions as a fixed (non-shared) component, meaning it’s often a bigger performance constraint than processors or storage drives, which can be shared.
  3. Run more VMs

    Every virtual machine running on a server typically requires a dedicated amount of memory, meaning the more virtual machines you’re running, the more memory you’ll need. While virtualisation software will be a focal point for IT budgets in 2015, you need more memory to optimise the software’s performance.
  4. Increase memory bandwidth

    To get even more out of your servers, try LRDIMM (Load-Reduced DIMM) modules, which offer bandwidth gains and energy savings. You’ll notice a big increase in performance when you maximise memory capacity using high density, high performance modules.
    The benefits of Crucial® server memory
  • The fastest, easiest, most dependable way to increase server performance
  • Compatible with OEM servers and warranties
  • Quality-tested to mission-critical server standards
  • Backed by the Reliance Program1
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty2
  • Available in DDR to DDR4 memory technology in a variety of form factors

Maximise your migration to Windows Server 2012 by getting more out of your existing IT infrastructure.

Compatible upgrades. Guaranteed. Find the right upgrades with either of our easy-to-use tools.