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Join the Crucial Affiliate Programme

Crucial pays thousands of dollars every month in affiliate commissions — are you cashing in?

Sign up and generate extra revenue from your audience today!

How it works

The Crucial Affiliate Program is easy — fill out our free application, add links to your site that direct your audience to, and earn a commission every time a consumer clicks on your link to place an order on Most of our affiliates earn 3% commission, and since many of our customers purchase multiple upgrades at once, the amount you earn from us can add up quickly. Best of all, the customers you refer to us don't need to know their system specs in order to find guaranteed-compatible memory and SSD upgrades. With our innovative Crucial System Scanner or Crucial Advisor tool, they'll be able to find compatible upgrades in just a few clicks, allowing you to reach the widest possible range of your audience.

Our focus is on memory, SSDs, and computer accessories, so for Internet-based businesses that offer complimentary goods or services, the Crucial Affiliate Program is a great way to add an additional revenue stream. The ideal candidates for our programme are:

  • E-commerce sites
  • Computer-related content sites
  • Computer organizations and user groups
  • Internet service providers
  • Graphics and developer sites

The benefits: by being affiliated with Crucial, you can ...

  • Earn commission and add a revenue stream for your company.

    Add links to your site and earn a commission every time a member of your audience (a consumer) places an order on We pay commission on all consumer orders, provided that the consumer is not receiving a discount through another channel. Most of our affiliates earn 3% commission on every product sold.

  • Give your audience access to some of the best memory and SSD upgrades available.

    We are the only memory supplier that is a division of a major memory manufacturer. Crucial is a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory and flash storage manufacturers in the world. Our products regularly receive top reviews in the industry and are used by the world's top computer manufacturers.

  • Give your audience access to the industry's most comprehensive product portfolio.

    We offer more than 250,000 upgrades for more than 50,000 laptops, desktops, notebooks, and servers.

  • Help your customers find the right upgrades for their system.

    When you send your audience to, they'll find guaranteed compatible upgrades for their system in just a few clicks with our award-winning Crucial System Scanner and Crucial Advisor tool. Better yet, you can add links and direct traffic to these tools, making it even easier for your audience to find and purchase upgrades –ultimately earning you money. Once you've been approved, you can go to the Get Links area of our partner portal and add these successful tools to your site.

  • Give your audience free tech support on all Crucial products.

    When they order, they'll also receive a limited lifetime warranty on all Crucial memory products and a three-year limited warranty on all Crucial SSD products.

  • Enable international access.

    Every day, we ship orders all over the world and we have the ability to process a wide range of currencies. Link to our US site for audiences that pay in US dollars ($), to our UK site for audiences that pay in GBP (£), or to our French and European sites for audiences that pay in euros (€). All three sites have a currency converter available for international customers who live outside these main regions.

  • Receive your commission check in almost any currency.

    All of our commissions are processed by Commission Junction, which facilitates the Crucial Affiliate Program. Having a third party administrate our programme ensures accountability and the most accurate tracking and reporting of referral sales.

How to get started

Fill out a free application to become an affiliate. When your application is approved, add one or more of our links to your site and start earning a commission!

Sign up and generate extra revenue from your audience today!

Sign up and generate extra revenue from your audience!

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The Crucial Affiliate Program is exclusively available for UK only affiliates.
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on, we sell:

  • laptop memory
  • desktop/workstation memory
  • server memory
  • Mac memory
  • gaming memory
  • USB flash drives
  • SSDs
  • computer accessories

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Two ways to find your upgrades

Crucial Advisor tool
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Crucial System Scanner
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