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Crucial Memmory

Work 6x faster

How SSDs put productivity into overdrive

How much more productive could you or your business be if you were able to work faster?
That’s the question we posed in the Crucial Performance Lab. While we’ve often said that SSDs radically increase productivity, we haven’t been able to say by how much. Until now.

Overall, the findings reveal that on average, Crucial SSDs are able to perform everyday tasks 6x faster than traditional hard drives. Here’s the full breakdown.

Time to perform everyday tasks: hard drive vs. SSD1

Average = 6x faster

Everyday task
How long it takes (in seconds)
How much faster
is an SSD?
Hard drive
Hard drive
Crucial SSD

Start your computer



2x faster

Load Google Chrome®



7x faster

Load Microsoft® Word



9x faster

Load Microsoft® PowerPoint®



9x faster

Load Microsoft® Excel®



7x faster

Load Microsoft® Outlook®



7x faster

Duplicate a 1GB file



5x faster

Average = 6x faster

Put your digital workday into overdrive

SSDs transform the pace of productivity. Instead of waiting for your computer to start and load apps for what seems like forever, you can be getting things done. Serve more customers. Ship more orders. Crunch more data. Do everything in your digital workday faster – and without delay.

Then take it a step further and imagine that not only are you able to work faster, but so is everyone else in your business. Your organisation is able to move faster, serve customers better, and outpace the competition. When businesses make the migration to SSDs, they overcome the biggest time drain they didn’t know existed: simple, mechanical hard drives.

The bottom line

Wait times often seem inconsequential, but slowly and steadily over the course of a day, they add up and limit what can get done.
Make the switch to SSDs and take back the time and productivity that hard drives are costing you.

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