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Articles about PCs

Why is my Computer Running so Slowly?

Discover some of the most common causes and solutions to computer lag.

How to Fix a Slow Computer

Find out how you can enhance speed and performance on your computer.

How to Update your Computer

Make sure your computer is protected and running at its best.

How to Make your Laptop Run Faster

See how you can speed up your laptop and notice the difference immediately.

How to Upgrade a Laptop with RAM

Find out how to upgrade your laptop to give it an immediate boost.

What Causes a Laptop to Run Slowly?

Use our guide to find out why your laptop is slow and how to speed it up.

How to Remove Startup Programs

Computers can become slower due to startup programs reducing their performance. Our guide shows you on how to remove startup programs, so your computer can return to its speedy self.

How to Speed up Your Desktop Computer

Is your desktop computer performing slowly? Find out how to speed up your computer.

How to Install Memory in Your Laptop

You can install memory in your laptop yourself. Our constructive guide is here to help you, with useful hints and troubleshooting tips.

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files

Cookies and temporary internet files can be some of the culprits slowing down your computer, deleting them can help. Find out how with Crucial’s helpful guide.

Which is the Best Anti-virus Software for You?

Computers need security software. We're here to help you find the best anti-virus software for your system, allowing you to make the most of your computer.

How to Improve Computer Performance and Be More Productive

Slow technology can affect your productivity. But, there is a solution. Discover how to improve computer performance, whatever your uses for it might be.

Computer Terminology Explained: A Glossary

Understanding computers can be difficult when you don't know the terminology. If you're unsure and want to be up to speed, read through our jargon buster for computers.

How to Defragment a Computer’s Hard Drive

Speed up your computer by defragmenting your hard drive.

Computer Memory Units Explained

New memory capacities are coming out. Find out more with our guide to computer memory units.

How to Check your Computer Specs

Discover how to find your computer specs and serial number. Check which hardware and operating system you’re using with our guide.

How to Keep your Computer Cool

Discover the best way to keep your PC cool with our helpful guide.

What is a Browser or Computer Plug-in, Add-on, or Extension?

What is a plug-in, add-on, or extension? Learn everything you need to know about browser and computer plug-ins with our helpful guide.

Computer Recycling: How to Dispose of Old Computers

Find out how to safely and securely dispose of old computers.

How to Password-Protect a Folder

Find out how to password protect a confidential folder and prevent others from seeing your private files.