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Crucial Memmory

More than a quick fix

How memory and SSDs extend the life of your computer – and your budget

Technology moves extremely fast, and you expect your computer to keep up. When your computer slows down over time, you might think it's getting old and that it's time to buy a new system to get that speed back – but this often isn't the case. It's very likely that your system's components just haven't kept up, and those are an easy fix.

Instead of spending a lot on a new computer or a software gimmick for a quick fix, you can instantly increase your system's speed, save money, and extend the life of your current computer with a simple memory and SSD upgrade. Here's why this is a lasting solution that's more than a quick fix.

The problem:
Your computer is slowing down as it gets older

Computers often ship without the latest hardware technology to save on cost. This limits long-term performance, as over time, the system isn't able to keep up with software and system requirements that become more demanding over time.

The solution:
Increase performance with more memory and an SSD, not a new system

Buying a new computer every few years to get faster performance is often unnecessary. And according to consumer research, most people want their computer to last – 70% of consumers have a computer that's more than a year old.1

How more memory reinvigorates your computer

Instantly delivers faster responsiveness and seamless multitasking
Analogy: Upgrading memory isn't a constant recurrence like an oil change – it's maintenance-free and is the most affordable way to boost system speed and personal productivity.

How an SSD reinvigorates your computer

Instantly delivers 15x faster storage speed compared to a hard drive2
Analogy: Switching to an SSD from a hard drive is a one-time upgrade that's similar to using electricity instead of a candle to light a room: it's instant – and significantly more reliable.

The bottom line

Save money and equip your computer with components that provide a higher level of performance both now and into the foreseeable future. Upgrading either part delivers lasting performance gains, but upgrading both at once is even more powerful. No matter what you decide to do, find guaranteed compatible parts for your system in 60 seconds or less using the Crucial System Scanner or Memory Advisor™ tool.

Compatible upgrades. Guaranteed. Find the right upgrades with either of our easy-to-use tools.