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The new memory advantage: Broadwell processors

The new memory advantage: Broadwell processors

How Broadwell enables enhanced DRAM and CPU performance

Compute and memory performance have always been interconnected – when you upgrade one component, you impact the other. In any system, the goal is to optimise the CPU-DRAM relationship because it’s one of the most critical factors in determining overall performance. So, it should come as no surprise that upgrading from Haswell to Broadwell processors isn’t purely about compute capability – it’s about much more.

Haswell vs. Broadwell Comparison

Processor Technology



The Broadwell Difference

Product Family

Intel® Xeon®
E5-2600 v3

Intel® Xeon®
E5-2600 v4

Latest DDR4-based server processor

Type of Platform



Year Released



Cores Per Socket

Up to 18

Up to 22

More processing power

Max Memory Speed

2133 MT/s

2400 MT/s

Enables faster memory performance

Optimised to Support

4Gb-based modules

8Gb-based modules

Most 8Gb-based modules start at speeds of 2400 MT/s and are significantly more cost-effective

How Broadwell delivers the next level of memory performance

Install 2x more memory – for less

1. Install 2x more memory – for less

When DDR4 first came out, Haswell processors supported 2Gb- and 4Gb-based modules. Now 8Gb-based components are quickly becoming the standard. Broadwell processors are optimised for these affordable, high-density modules, and allow you to double a system’s memory footprint by installing RDIMMs up to 32GB and LRDIMMs up to 64GB.

Get 2 types of speed increases

2. Get 2 types of speed increases

Don’t just install more memory. Install faster memory. Broadwell-compatible 2400 MT/s modules deliver more memory bandwidth and are 12% faster than Haswell-compatible modules, which cap out at 2133 MT/s. With an additional 4 cores per socket, Broadwell technology enables the latest level of compute and memory performance in DDR4 servers.

Scale up or scale out to a higher level of performance

3. Scale up or scale out to a higher level of performance

If you’re scaling up, Broadwell is the best way to get more out of a DDR4-capable system, as it removes existing performance constraints. If you’re scaling out and adding new servers, 8Gb-based DDR4 server memory allows you to immediately start tapping into the advanced potential of Broadwell processors.


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The bottom line

Memory performance has always been limited by CPU performance. One of the most effective and affordable ways to increase system performance has typically been to upgrade the processor, followed closely by maximising the installed memory capacity. New Broadwell processors allow you to do both. Not only is Broadwell more powerful than Haswell, but it allows you to scale memory performance to meet the insatiable needs of virtualisation, Big Data, and other memory-dependent server applications. Get the most out of every DDR4-capable deployment with Broadwell processors, which allow you to achieve the next level of memory performance.

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