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Crucial SSD Upgrade Tool

In just three quick questions, we’ll identify your SSD needs and give you all the information you need to start getting more out of your storage.

1. What type of computer are you upgrading?

PC Laptop
PC Desktop
Mac® Laptop
Mac® Desktop
Note that per Apple® manufacturer specifications, storage drives are not upgradable on Mac systems made after mid-2012 and/or retina-based models. Before upgrading to an SSD, consult your owner’s manual to verify that an upgrade is possible.
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2. Why are you upgrading to an SSD?

Hard drive failed
Want to increase performance
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3. Do you want to...

Upgrade to an SSD
Install another hard drive
Upgrade an old hard drive to a new SSD
Upgrade an old SSD to a new SSD
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1. Type of computer

2. Why are you upgrading to an SSD?

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