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Get the most out of your new SSDSSD: Getting started

Transfer data from an existing drive to your new SSD

Data migration software allows you to transfer the content stored on your previous drive (photos, videos, documents, etc.) to your new SSD. You only need to transfer data if you are replacing an older drive and want its contents on the new SSD. Crucial SSDs do not ship preloaded with operating system software, which means you get a blank slate with lots of storage capacity to fill with what you want.

Regardless of your operating system, you should always back up your data before transferring it to a new drive.

PC users

Data migration, also known as cloning, with Acronis® True Image HD software makes the transition from your old drive to your new SSD as easy as possible for Microsoft® Windows® users. This software comes free with your purchase of a Crucial SSD and takes just five steps to get started:

  1. Back up your data.
  2. Click your preferred language to begin downloading the software.
  3. Download and run the .exe file, then follow the on-screen instructions.
Get more detailed instructions

Mac users

Although the Acronis data migration software is not currently supported on Mac systems, you can use Disk Utility (part of Mac OS X®) or other third-party applications to migrate data from a previous drive to your new SSD.*

Get more detailed instructions

Install your new SSD

Installing an SSD doesn’t require a trip to the computer store! Just use our 3-minute videos and installation guides to install your new SSD in a desktop or laptop.

Steps to install a new SSD

  1. Transfer data from your old drive to the new SSD
  2. Open your computer
  3. Unplug your old drive
  4. Plug in the new SSD
  5. Close your computer
  6. Enjoy nearly instant storage performance!

Desktop installation - 2.5 inch

Desktop installation - mSATA

Laptop installation - 2.5 inch

Laptop installation - mSATA

Helpful tools that make installation easier

Articles and other installation resources

Prefer readable instructions? Check out our guides and helpful hints here:

Manage your SSD with Crucial Storage Executive software

Get more out of your Crucial SSD with the Crucial Storage Executive software.

This free downloadable tool is easy to use and helps monitor and enhance the performance of your SSD, update to the latest firmware, and enable the Momentum Cache feature to instantly boost burst performance by up to 10x.1

Benefits of Crucial Storage Executive

Enable the Momentum Cache feature to enhance burst performance by up to 10x1

Update your SSD to the latest firmware

See how much storage you’ve used

Monitor your SSD's operating temperature and overall health

Reset your SSD's encryption password

Verify your SSD's model number

Storage Executive is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 7 and newer versions, including Windows® 10, and supports Crucial MX-series, BX-series, M550, and M500 SSDs.


Optimize your new SSD

TipUpdate your firmware

Keep your SSD up to date with the latest fixes and enhancements
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Gain better system performance with these adjustments
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Storage calculations are why there’s a discrepancy
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TipCan you update the SSD firmware from a bootable USB flash drive?

Yes, if you use a PC – check out our guide here
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TipSSDs and SMART data

SSDs and HDDs use SMART data differently – here’s what it is and what you need to know
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Looking for ways to make your SSD perform at its best? Look no further than our extensive library of resources and our in-depth community forum.

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