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Five key features of the Crucial M500 SSD

As the highly-anticipated successor to the award-winning Crucial m4 SSD, the Crucial M500 SSD expands upon its predecessor in several powerful ways and delivers what's perhaps the most versatile and reliable SSD on the market. Packed with powerful features, the Crucial M500 offers many benefits. Here are five of our favorites:

Key feature #1 — Terabyte-class capacity

Why it's important As one of the first SSDs on the market available in terabyte-class capacity, the Crucial M500 offers expanded storage at a time when people are storing more data than perhaps ever before. The Crucial M500 SSD provides plenty of storage for your ever-growing collection of photos, videos, music, and important documents. Based on your storage needs, choose between a 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, or 960GB drive and access your programs and files almost as soon as you click on them.

Key feature #2 — Top-level SED data encryption technology

Why it's importantMany SSDs on the market today include data encryption technology, but only a select few, including the Crucial M500, are built with top-level SED hardware encryption technology that meets TCG Opal 2.0 and IEEE-1667 standards. For you, this means that your data is kept safe and is encrypted at the hardware level, the highest level of data encryption. Our AES 256-bit hardware encryption engine allows the drive to operate at full speed without the performance loss that's typically associated with non-SED drives using software-based encryption technology.

Key feature #3 — Adaptive thermal protection technology

Why it's importantThe systems of today and tomorrow are (and will be) smaller and more space-constrained than ever before, which can make it easier for them to overheat. Our innovative adaptive thermal protection technology allows the Crucial M500 to work with your computer to dynamically adjust NAND activity based on usage demands. The result? Better cooling in ultra-small, thermally constrained systems.

Key feature #4 — Award-winning (and cutting edge) 20nm MLC NAND

Why it's importantBuilt using our cutting-edge 20nm MLC NAND that won the 2011 UBM TechInsight Semiconducter of the Year Award, the Crucial M500 takes full advantage of the latest flash storage technology. Because we design, develop, and manufacture the NAND (flash storage) that goes into our drives, our engineers know it inside and out, and are able to optimize its performance with our custom firmware and the controller. Our 20nm NAND has a much higher density than previous technology, which allows us to achieve terabyte-class capacities.

Key feature #5 — Backed by extensive reliability testing

Why it's importantSince an SSD is the storage source for all of your files, photos, music, videos, projects, and more, reliability is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to SSDs. And while the Crucial m4 SSD garnered over 50 international awards for its reliability, we figured we could take outstanding reliability one step further. The Crucial M500 SSD is the result. Backed by hundreds of SSD qualification tests, over a thousand hours of prerelease validation testing, $1.5 billion invested in R&D since 2009, and more than 30 years of industry expertise, you can depend on your Crucial SSD.

Crucial SSDs. Performance you can trust.

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"It's rare to find a company with such a friendly and efficient call centre and emailing team!" — Max J.H.

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