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Which SSD is best for gaming?

When you’ve decided to upgrade your gaming experience to include a solid state drive, the next question is, which is the best SSD for gaming? 

What systems can I install an SSD in?

Almost all computers can upgrade to a solid state drive. See the Crucial® System Scanner or Advisor tool to find the right drive for you.


Computers with a hard disk drive (HDD) or an existing SSD can be upgraded with an SSD that is faster and has more storage room. Upgrading from an HDD to an SSD will show immediate gains in boot up time and loading time for most games. See the top 10 reasons for getting an SSD over a traditional HDD.

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You can upgrade a console gaming system by installing an SSD in place of the existing hard drive. As with a computer, using an SSD will ensure faster boot up times and quicker game loading.

How large of a drive?

How large of a storage drive you get depends on what you do with your computer besides gaming. If your computer is mostly dedicated to gaming, 525GB should be sufficient for most current games. If you play a lot of different games or if you also use your computer to edit photos and movies, look for an SSD with more storage.

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Which form factor?

Solid state drives come in several form factors. What you choose depends on what your system specifications are. Use the Crucial® System Scanner or Advisor tool to determine which drives are compatible with your system. Find out which SSD form factor best suits you.

How much to spend?

As always with budget issues, you should try to get the biggest, fastest drive possible and still stay within your budget. If you use the Crucial System Scanner or Advisor tool, you’ll see a list of possible drives that are compatible with your system. You can choose the SSD that meets your budget.


The best SSD for gaming is the drive that is compatible with your system, has at least 525GB, and is within your budget. If you’re upgrading from a hard drive, you’ll see immediate benefits loading games and at boot up.

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