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Your computer’s New Year’s resolutions

Your computer’s New Year’s resolutions

How its resolutions are related to your own

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions each year with the hope of making long-lasting, positive changes. But what if your computer could make New Year’s resolutions? Would it want to lose weight or work out? If popular resolutions were applied to computers, here’s what they might look like.

Lose weight

Deleting temporary Internet files and deleting programs you haven’t used in the last year trim some of the digital fat from your computer and improve performance.

Work out and add muscle

Maxing out your computer’s memory gives your processor the resources it needs to improve system responsiveness and helps your system multitask like it wants to.

Quit smoking

Dusting off internal components prolongs your system’s life. If left unchecked, dust accumulation can result in overheating because it reduces the effectiveness of your system’s fan.

Wake up earlier and get more done

Replacing an antiquated hard drive with an SSD enables near-instant load and boot times, so your computer can power on and immediately load apps.

Save money

Your current system wants to stick around! Upgrading its memory and storage is more affordable than buying a brand new computer.

Enjoy life to the fullest

Improving your computer’s performance with a memory and storage upgrade >helps it run smoother, handle a wider range of apps, and extends its life.

The bottom line

Your computer’s New Year’s resolutions aren’t just about your computer. They’re also about your performance. Improving your system improves your productivity, as almost every computer operation (booting up, moving the mouse cursor, opening and running an app, typing, and more) requires the use of memory or your storage drive. If every operation on your system is delayed, the time you spend waiting adds up fast and is compounded over the course of the year. Take back the time you’re losing with a memory and SSD upgrade, and use the time you save to fulfill your resolutions in 2016.

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