DID agnostic server memory FAQs

  • What is the difference between DID agnostic DRAM and other DRAM?

    DID agnostic server DRAM removes the complexity of the Design ID from the ordering process for partners and customers. The Design ID is the underlying technology Micron uses to produce a particular memory module. The different designs come from using different technology nodes and series, which all operate the same inside of a server or workstation system since they all follow rigorous JEDEC operational standards. 

    By removing the DID from the memory module ordering process, the partner can simply request the details of the module needed by the server or workstation, and Micron will provide a perfect match to that spec using the most available underlying technology at the time of the order. This helps minimize the potential for stock shortages and reduces the total number of part numbers our partners need to manage. 

  • What service does Crucial offer for DID agnostic server DRAM?

    Customers can enjoy the same basic customer support provided with Crucial-branded DRAM and the same three-year limited warranty provided with Micron-branded DRAM.

  • Is DID agnostic DRAM available for both DDR4 and DDR5?

    The Micron DID agnostic server DRAM SKUs available today only include DDR4 technology. DDR5 is very new so there are not yet multiple DIDs available to be swappable between the same module, density, and speed. When we do have multiple DDR5 DIDs, we can offer this same capability with that technology. 

  • If customers need DID specific DRAM, can they still get it?

    Absolutely! The introduction of Micron DID agnostic server DRAM will not prevent customers from ordering DID specific parts that have been sold for years. Partners can choose to offer either one or both of them to their customers as they desire. 

  • Is there a functional difference between the different DIDs that might ship in a DID agnostic order?

    No. The different DIDs exist because different technology nodes are used to create the memory component. Each of these technology nodes produce the same functionality in the combined  memory module that meet the stringent JEDEC standards for a specific module type, capacity, rank, configuration, and speed. Neither the server nor the customer experience any difference between the different DIDs.

  • Do our products work as advertised?

    Yes! Micron server DRAM already simplifies the confirmation process by ensuring all our modules are fully compliant with JEDEC standards. This helps ensure interoperability between various system components, including DRAM modules and the system motherboard.

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