Certain Crucial modules eligible for warranty return

Enhanced screening protocols have identified a potential issue in certain lots of Crucial 16GB/32GB modules that shipped between June 2, 2023, and Aug. 27, 2023. These products may be eligible for a warranty return. Please contact Crucial to determine whether your product is eligible and initiate a warranty return.

Your business is important to us. We are committed to achieving total quality excellence and stand behind our products and our commitments to customers. If ever you are unsatisfied with your order or it does not meet your expectations, please reach out to your customer quality representative, and we will work toward finding a solution.

Part numbers in lots potentially eligible for warranty return:

CP16G56C46U5, CP16G56C46U5T, CP2K16G56C46U5, CP2K32G56C46U5, CP32G56C46U5, CT16G52C42S5, CT16G52C42S5T, CT16G52C42U5, CT16G52C42U5T, CT16G56C46S5, CT16G56C46S5T, CT16G56C46U5, CT16G56C46U5T, CT2K16G52C42S5, CT2K16G52C42U5, CT2K16G56C46S5, CT2K16G56C46U5, CT2K32G52C42S5, CT2K32G52C42U5, CT2K32G56C46S5, CT2K32G56C46U5, CT32G52C42S5, CT32G52C42S5T, CT32G52C42U5, CT32G52C42U5T, CT32G56C46S5, CT32G56C46S5T, CT32G56C46U5, CT32G56C46U5T.