How to use your Crucial External SSD with your XBox One

Using a Crucial® External SSD is a fast and simple way to expand your console’s storage and capabilities. Xbox One® supports up to three drives at a time. Each drive much have a USB 3.0 connection, 128GB or more of storage, and a partition installed. Crucial drives can store pictures, movies, music, games, and other apps. Installing a Crucial portable SSD to your Xbox One® is easy with the steps below.

Xbox One portable SSD installation

Step 1. Plug your Crucial portable SSD into your Xbox One®

To get started, plug your Crucial portable SSD into the console in one of the three USB ports. Plug one end of the USB-C cable into the drive. Plug the other end into a port on your Xbox One (you’ll need a USB-A adapter* if you use a USB-A port on your XBox). Once you plug in your portable SSD, power up the console.

*Note: Make sure when using the USB-A adapter that the alignment marks on the adapter match up with the alignment mark on the cable. If these marks are not aligned, your drive’s read and write performance will be reduced.

Step 2. Start the external drive format process

When you plug an external drive into your Xbox One, the system will prompt you to format your drive. If you cancel the prompt before completed, you can still manually set up your drive later, but formatting the drive will automatically set your drive up for use. To start the formatting select the “Format Storage Device” option when prompted.

Step 3. After plugging your portable SSD into your Xbox One, name your drive

Next, enter a name for the storage device. After naming your drive, you can choose to either “Install new things here” or “Keep current location.” If you choose to install new things on your external SSD then all new installed apps and games will be stored in this location. If you choose later, you can change the location back to the internal drive.

Step 4. Complete formatting

Next, select “Format storage device.” Once the format process is complete, your Crucial portable SSD is ready to use. You can now copy, move, and install games and apps and enjoy the increased storage capacity of your new portable SSD.

Step 5. How to detect your Crucial Portable SSD

To make sure your Xbox One recognizes your Crucial Portable SSD, open the guide by pressing the Xbox symbol on your controller. Then, go into “System” and select “Settings.” Select “System” and, finally, “Storage.” If you see your Crucial portable SSD listed, then it’s ready to go.


With games requiring more storage each year, internal drives support fewer games and take longer to load. Adding a Crucial Portable SSD is a fast and effective way to expand your XBox One gaming options and increase your XBox storage library capabilities.


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